Taito's Crane Game is Played Online, with Toys Delivered to Winners

 - Sep 12, 2017
References: taito.co.jp & japantrends
Even though the majority of claw games are designed for in-person interactions, Taito launched an Online Crane that can be played completely remotely.

The Taito Online Crane may be accessed via an app, where players are challenged to retrieve a toy or other small item. Just like any classic claw game that is operated with some sort of button or joystick system, Taito Online Crane allows consumers to operate a crane arm remotely, using only their smartphone.

Although there is no item that may be instantly awarded to winners, the Taito Online Crane ships prizes securely to be delivered to a player's home. Unlike some amusement parks and entertainment centers that are closed during some days of the year, the app and website for the online game operate year-round and 24 hours a day.