AmazonFresh Pickup is Opening Its First Location in Seattle

 - May 26, 2017
References: amazon & engadget
It's no hyperbole to say that Amazon has revolutionized retail, and the online titan is at it again with AmazonFresh Pickup. The service aims to make grocery shopping far more efficient than it currently is, effectively turning the grocery store into a drive-through retailer.

Even for a brand loyalist with a grocery list ready to go, the typical stop at the supermarket can be painstaking. Some consumers might beeline through the store, grabbing exactly what they know they need, and others might agonize over which brand of tahini to try this week, but either consumer will ultimately be saddled with checkout lines, loading up groceries into the car, returning the cart, and more nuisances.

AmazonFresh Pickup eliminates that entirely. Users can order their groceries online ahead of time, and they'll be ready within fifteen minutes (or at a predetermined time that's convenient.) They then drive over to the location, and staff will load up their car for them. Then, since everything's already paid for, users can drive away -- they never even need leave the vehicle.