From Autonomous Convenience Stores to Self-Service Car Showrooms

 - Dec 22, 2017
In order to better compete with the ease of online shopping, some brick-and-mortar retailers are embracing entirely unstaffed store formats that are powered by technology.

At the staffless 7-Eleven Signature inside of the Lotte World Tower in Seoul, Korea, consumers are able to checkout by using the 'Hand Pay' system to scan their unique palm print. Mobile apps and facial recognition technology are also at the center of many of these stores, facilitating a streamlined shopping experience.

Although many grocery retailers are now adopting self-service apps that allow consumers to bypass long queues with their mobile device, these streamlined systems have yet to be adopted by retailers that deal with luxury items. However, some forward-thinking high-end brands are addressing issues like loss prevention with RFID-enabled security tags that are disabled only after a mobile payment is made. On the extreme end of staffless concepts, car dealerships are exploring self-checkout systems and vending machine-style structures that make "buying cars as easy as buying a can of Coke."