Wal-mart's Scan & Go Technology Helps Customers Skip Busy Checkout Lines

 - Mar 16, 2017
References: houstonchronicle
In an effort to improve the in-store experience for its customers, Wal-Mart has installed Scan & Go technology in several of its stores. By combining the convenience of online shopping with the intimacy of the in-store experience, the new technology perfectly caters to changing shopper preferences.

One of the stores currently testing the Scan & Go technology is in the Houston, Texas, area. In this store, customers can use carts outfitted with touchscreen pads that allow them to scan and pay for items as they shop. This means that customers can easy skip busy checkout lines and enjoy a more seamless shopping experience. At the Wal-Mart store new Tomball, there is even a large touchscreen display that allows customers to order items online and then pick it up two days later at the store.