'Perpule 1Pay' Simplifies Retail Payment Systems and Reduces Queues

 - Feb 16, 2017
References: itunes.apple & yourstory
'Perpule 1Pay' is a self-checkout app that can be used through participating retail partners like Hypercity and Spar in India for the purposes of significantly speeding up the process of paying for goods in one's shopping cart.

With this shopping and checkout app at their fingertips, consumers are able to scan an item's barcode and instantly view the price and any additional product information. To complete a transaction, the retail checkout app lets users use a variety of online payment solutions, such as a credit card, Internet banking or a mobile wallet. Cost-conscious app users are also able to compile a wish list, which will keep tabs on the price of desired items over time.

As well as offering many desirable features to consumers, the Perpule 1Pay app is also said to reduce billing time and infrastructure costs for retailers.