From Bluetooth Bus Tickets to University-Approved Relaxation Apps

 - Mar 26, 2017
Many of the products, services and more that are included in these March 2017 mobile trends make life easier for consumers. Whether it's hopping on a busy bus or finding a nearby pub to let loose at, apps make getting a task done as simple as hitting a few buttons.

Consumers who enjoy running outdoors, or even those who are just in the market for a hands-free alternative to a phone, are sure too see the value of TOKK. The small device connects to Google Assistant or Siri and allows consumers to efficiency capture pictures, answer their phone and much more without having to lift a finger.

Also featured in these March 2017 mobile trends are flexible on-demand food apps, virtual popstar smartphones and hate-based dating apps. The latter is perfect for full-time cynics, who find that they connect to others the most through a mutual dislike of something.