Google and OREO Joined to Create Unique Way to Do an OREO Dunk

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: oreospacedunk
An OREO dunk is an essential part of the ritual that surrounds eating this particular cookie, so Google and OREO now want challenge people around the world with the 'OREO Space Dunk.'

By visiting the OREO Space Dunk from a smartphone, cookie lovers will have the chance to perform a digital cookie dunk. As Google Earth and Google Street View are integrated into the experience, motion detection technology and geo-location makes each and every user experience highly personalized.

To perform a virtual cookie dunk, an OREO fan must "scan" a real OREO cookie to unlock the experience. From there, fans must swing their phone to set a trajectory—the better the swing, the further the virtual cookie will fly into outer space before falling into a glass of milk.