The 'ProtectPax' Liquid Screen Protector is 99% Invisible

 - Feb 8, 2017
References: indiegogo & gadgetsin
The 'ProtectPax' is a liquid screen protector that is designed to make it possible for users to protect the screen of their smartphone without having to deal with plastic overlays. 'ProtectPax' is an inexpensive liquid glass that utilizes nanotechnology in order to protect the screen of a smartphone or other device without causing any sort of usage problems or responsiveness issues.

The 'ProtectPax' protector is purported to be 99% invisible and will protect against scratches, water splashes and bumps for up to 12-months after being used on a device.

The 'ProtectPax' liquid screen protector is easy to apply and allows users to maintain a clear screen and smartphone experience without having to worry about the device becoming damaged.