Climatune is a Curated Music System Created by Spotify and AccuWeather

 - Feb 9, 2017
References: insights.spotify & hypebeast
Climatune is perfect for consumers who like their music to match their setting. By using location-based data, the website, which was created collaboratively by Spotify and AccuWeather, curates playlists to be reflective of any weather changes.

In addition to providing users with an interesting selection of tracks, the website offers information concerning their mood and "audio attributes" during weather shifts. Spotify and AccuWeather have based this off findings of eight different audio attributes that have been collected from users in 30 cities. By using the weather as a basis for its playlists, Climatune is able to provide music that's likely to reflect the feelings of users. For example, when it picks up that it's raining, it will offer tracks tagged with words like "Cool," "Sensual," and "Sophisticated." When it's sunny, it uses tracks that are "Yearning," "Excited," and "Empowering." These results vary throughout different cities, as weather effects the inhabitants of each in unique ways.