From Standby Seat-Searching Apps to Luggage-Tracking Devices

 - Jul 7, 2017
These airline innovations aim to make travelling a little more cost effective, efficient, stress-free, and fun.

An example of the latter is the AirDates app, which makes use of geo-location data to match users with potential dates who are on the same flight as them. In addition to finding matches based off of their location, AirDates looks at each user's common interests to decide if they're likely to get along. As long flights can sometimes be painfully boring for passengers, AirDates is one way to stay occupied while airborne.

Another airline innovation that's included is Lufthansa's 'Mildred,' a chatbot that functions as an automated travel agent. The chatbot is accessible through Facebook Messenger, making it a convenient and efficient way to find cheap flights. Although many websites offer similar services, Mildred's use of a chatbot system makes the experience more user-friendly and personal.