The 'MotherBox' Enables Users to Wirelessly Charge Smartphones

 - Feb 22, 2017
References: indiegogo & geeky-gadgets
Existing wireless charging solutions require devices to be placed on a charging pad which doesn't really enable a wire-free experience, so 'MotherBox' is designed to wirelessly charge in the truest way possible.

The 'MotherBox' works by having a receiver installed onto your smartphone and setting up the main base in your home or work environment. When your smartphone is within range of the 'MotherBox' base it will begin to charge wirelessly and enable you to maintain an experience that doesn't have any wires involved.

The 'MotherBox' comes in two size options including the original as well as the Mini which can be used to wirelessly charge devices when on-the-go. The 'MotherBox' Mini acts as a hybrid product between a traditional wireless charger and a power bank for an efficient overall experience.