The Peek Screen 2.0 Updates the Original Privacy Screen

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: kickstarter
The new Peek Screen 2.0 not only keeps smartphone screens protected from the everyday wear and tear of the average mobile, but it also keeps phone screens protected from the unwelcome leers of others in the area. By using specially formulated glass, the covering obscures screens from any angle except when looking at them straight on, ensuring that only the person using a protected smartphone can see the information on the screen.

When using one's phone in public places — for example, when on the subway — it's basically impossible to prevent others from checking out the contents on the screen if they so desire. The Peek Screen 2.0 uses polarized 9H optically clear tempered glass. Not only does this glass stay strong under physical pressure, but it alleviates the pressure of nosy neighbors peering in by blocking light from escaping at angles.