From Non-Partisan News Apps to Hate-Based Dating Apps

 - Apr 1, 2017
In this tense climate, the March 2017 mobile app trends reveal a notable shift towards politics. Whether it is news apps that allow consumers to find bias-free updates or dating apps that bring together those with a shared dislike for certain subjects, apps are clearly a useful platform for consumers to talk politics.

While there are many news apps already available to consumers, the March 2017 mobile app trends reveal that there is a continued demand for these platforms. For example, Countable is a new social news app that is dedicated to providing non-partisan, unbiased updates.

A similar shift can be observed in the rise of newly created dating apps such as Hater. This unique platform is designed to help people bond over the things they mutually hate -- which is particularly of interest to those with a cynical or less optimistic worldview.