'Reservar' Makes it Possible to Grow and Track Your Money Simplistically

 - Jan 30, 2017
References: reservar.io & betalist
'Reservar' is a new app that enables you to save and track your money without having to deal with the associated hassle. 'Reservar' utilizes AI technology that will learn about your financial life and make it possible to save without having to constantly tinker with your budget or manually do the math.

The AI technology at work within 'Reservar' will determine the right amount that you can save each month in order to ensure that you don't feel restricted or pinched when it comes to capital availability. Users can control the speed at which they are saving in order to expedite the process or focus more on a short-term goal.

The 'Reservar' app also helps users to know where to invest in order to further grow money without having to do endless research or tracking.