From Auto-Donating Buttons to Humanitarian Beauty Brand Pledges

 - Apr 1, 2017
In this tense political climate, the March 2017 social good trends reveal a renewed emphasis on both action and hope.

On the one hand, many brands have been looking for unique ways to stand up for causes they believe in. For instance, the beauty brand Illamasqua recently created an anti-discrimination Human Fundamentalism pledge that customers must agree to before purchasing products from the brand. Another example, is the Unsafety Check app feature, which was created by Black Lives Matter as a way for black Americans "to let the world know how you feel, to come together and resist."

On the other hand, many of the March 2017 social good trends addressed the notion of love and hope in a time of increased polarization. One outstanding example is Lush's Valentine's Day campaign, which celebrated the LGBTQ community by exclusively featuring same-sex couples.