LemurFaceID Builds a Database of the Madagascar Mammals

 - Feb 20, 2017
References: mediarelations.gwu.edu & digitaltrends
LemurFaceID is a new piece of software designed to help the population of lemurs on Madagascar, the huge tropical island off the eastern coast of Africa. Using similar neural network-based facial recognition systems that have become more and more common in many different pieces of software that work on human faces, LemurFaceID is designed to build a database of the mammals and to help track them less invasively.

For conservationists, tracking populations of species is essential. After all, it's very difficult to keep tabs of the rise and fall in the health of a given species if researchers can't lock in on the specific members of that species. However, conservationists also need to be careful to leave the animals relatively undisturbed while tracking them. LemurFaceID fits perfectly into that middle ground, tracking lemurs through cameras rather than with tags.