'Mobile Health Clinics' is Bringing HIV Testing to Remote Communities

In an effort to address South Africa's HIV epidemic and help the country meet its UNAIDS 90-90-90 goal, a company called Mobile Health Clinics is bringing HIV testing to some of the country's most remote communities. With the capacity to test up to 300 patients per day, the clinic could help to dramatically reduce the spread of HIV.

To bring HIV testing to hard to reach areas, Mobile Health Clinics relies on a specially outfitted van that is equipped with an on-site lab. Inside the mobile clinic, staff have the ability to test and screen patients for CD4, TB, viral load and creatinine, among other things. The lab results only take a few hours and staff even have ARVs that can be dispensed the very same day. The clinic also offers on-site counselling to those who need it.

With South Africa on a mission to eradicate HIV by 2030, Mobile Health Clinics is helping to reach those in the most remote corners of the country.