IC4Design's 'Finding Her' is a Critique via Where's Waldo?

 - Feb 24, 2017
References: dezeen
Many industries around the world are nowhere near achieving perfect gender balance, and IC4Design's gender equality illustrations give a hyperbolic literalization of that inequality. The illustrations are part of a campaign by marketing agency DDB for UN Women in Egypt, called 'Finding Her,' and they are presented in a similar format to 'Where's Waldo?' — replacing the playfully elusive Waldo with a single woman in various workplaces full of men.

By riffing off of the famous book series, the gender equality illustrations in Finding Her ironically rework the searching game with a political bent. Since Waldo is notoriously hard to find in the Where's Waldo? books, so too are women difficult to find in the Egyptian workforce.

Though the drawings are of course an exaggeration, the data on gender balance across Egypt's industries are far from equal. According to UN Women in Egypt, females comprise only 23 percent of the workforce.