From Cruelty-Free Fashion Runways to All-Weather Hoodies

 - Feb 13, 2018
Consumers have seen a recent serge for the better in gender-neutral fashion. Everyone in the industry — from independent brands to haute couture, have been experimenting with norm-challenging capsules and boasting unisex clothing. While millennial-focused sportswear collections are a straightforward testimony to the younger generation's desire for inclusivity, the promotion for gender-neutral fashion for children further solidifies this idea of gender equality.

Brands like Deveaux showcase the inclusive aspect of their clothing by photographing male and female models side by side with the Fall 2018 styles. KASUI, on the other hand, highlights the unisex fits through fashion basics.

The movement for gender-neutral fashion destabilizes the metaphorical sizable wall between "male" and "female" expectations, omitting the restrictions of clothing design and making it fully accessible for anyone.