The Ohhio Macaron Merino Wool Cowl is Superbly Warm and Soft

 - Jan 14, 2017
References: thegadgetflow
Large, oversized accessories are always coveted in the winter months for warmth and style reasons, which the Ohhio Macaron Merino Wool Cowl dually provides. Coming in an array of colors (15 in total), the cowl is designed with the brand's classic knitting pattern and will provide enhanced levels of warmth for users.

The Ohhio Macaron Merino Wool Cowl is, as the name denotes, crafted from Merino wool which makes it inherently soft and even hypoallergenic. This makes it safe for children to wear or be around as well as pets.

The chunky knit cowl is unisex in design and can be worn by women and men alike in virtually any color. This is thanks to the modern design that is free of frills and loose ends, but packed with modern style.