These Natural Pyjamas from Nightsilx are Anti-Microbial

 - May 8, 2017
References: kickstarter
Nightsilx is launching a Kickstarter project for its GMO-free hemp pyjamas.

Nightsilx set out on a mission to develop pyjamas that are better for the environment, ultra comfortable and unisex. Its hemp pajamas are made of a GMO-free hemp and cotton blend, making them anti-microbial and more sweat- and odor-absorbent than 100% cotton products. The addition of hemp in the pyjamas helps optimize heat transfer while the wearer sleeps, keeping them warm and cozy without ever overheating.

Set to release in September, Nightsilx's hemp pyjamas have been designed to minimize catching while the wearer rolls in their sleep and feature a comfortable elastic and drawstring waistband. While its hemp pyjamas feel soft and fluffy (and even more so as the wearer beaks them in), due to hemp's high-tensile strength, they won't become worn or stretched like a traditional cotton product.