The eSight 3 Improves Vision for the Legally Blind

 - Feb 15, 2017
References: esighteyewear & cnet
The majority of people with visual impairments -- those who qualify as legally blind — have some degree of sight, and the eSight 3 is a new device that maximizes those people's vision. The technologically complex visor uses a high-quality video feed to present clearer and larger images of the surrounding world, effectively giving legally blind people a new mode of sight.

The eSight 3 uses liquid lens technology to get the camera to behave in kind with the human eye. It can focus in less than one millisecond, which is about the same speed as a sighted person's eye. The device's "bioptic tilt" technology also engenders better peripheral vision, which is important for reacting in visually complex environments (such as a busy street.) eSight 3's two OLED screens present all these images with virtually no lag.