- Apr 20, 2017
These Millennial-centric decor innovations include transformative workspace units, and beanbag chairs that are designed specifically for adults. In addition to traditional furniture that is flat-packed and easy to assemble, other standouts include dual-purpose home accessories with collapsible or stackable attributes.

Seeking decor accents that are not only practical, but also ethical, Millennials are investing in products that are environmentally conscious, and locally sourced, even if they do come at a higher price than low cost alternatives. Those with stricter budget restraints are making an ethical choice by repurposing products that would otherwise become wasteful, and are giving new life to vintage or used furniture -- whether through rentable homeware platforms or DIY decor projects.

When it comes to furniture retail, experimental and socially-fuelled interior design platforms are just some of the connected resources Millennials are turning to when renovating or decorating their abode. Furthermore, a rise in niche and curated home decor subscriptions is also prevalent, appealing to this demographic's love of aesthetics, and their appreciation for products that are personalized and Instagram-friendly.

From Curated Decor Subscriptions to Modular Furniture Sets: