The 'MOJUHLER' Furniture Systems Adapt to Different Needs

 - Nov 18, 2016
References: mojuhler & kickstarter
Millions of tons of furniture end up in the landfill each year, so the 'MOJUHLER' furniture systems are intended to help curb this occurrence with a design that's intended to be changed and adapted to evolving needs.

The 'MOJUHLER' (pronounced "modular") system works by incorporating a series of pieces that call to mind the aesthetic of Mechano toys. Just as these toys are meant to be built and customized, 'MOJUHLER' furniture features a similar aesthetic that enables multiple pieces to be capable with a single set of components.

The 'MOJUHLER' furniture systems currently come in three kits including the Mini Bench Kit, the Bar Stool Kit and the Adirondack Kit. Each one can be built one way and converted into a bevy of other designs to suit a different space or home.