The DesignLibero 'Design 3.0' Series is Easy to Design and Assemble

 - Dec 20, 2016
References: designlibero & yankodesign
Imagining what could be created with just a handful of materials and a whole lot of ingenuity, the DesignLibero 'Design 3.0' Series is an expression of designer DIY furniture.

The majority of furniture is created with an assembled aesthetic that requires extensive manufacturing in order to be created. The DesignLibero 'Design 3.0' Series, however, imagines what's possible by utilizing simple materials, 3D-printed joints and a designer DIY edge. The various accoutrements can be formed into a number of different orientations to create decor items that are strong, sturdy and skeletal in order to allow a space to remain efficient and minimalistic.

The DesignLibero 'Design 3.0' Series takes a more modern approach to DIY furniture that is efficient and minimal in design in order to decrease the need for superfluous materials.