From Expanding Holiday Trees to Feline-Inspired Ornaments

 - Dec 24, 2017
These holiday decor gifts range from feline-inspired ornaments to expanding holiday trees that easily transition from smaller to more open spaces. While examples like the Height-Adjustable Christmas Tree allow for more customization than similar offerings, Urban Outfitters' cat ornament selection is handcrafted and quirky, appealing to animal lovers with an appreciation for unique decor.

Other holiday decor favorites include Lakes Distillery's Christmas Baubles -- elegant ornaments that double as ornate whiskey, vodka, and gin bottles -- along with smart holiday lights like those offered by Twinkly, a company that allows users to personalize their lighting to feature color-changing properties, animations and more.

Snack-filled ornaments, broken ornament planters, and anti-theft string lights round off this list and speak to consumers' desire for fresh takes on traditional holiday decor.