Innisfree's String Art Kits are a Family-Friendly Gift with Purchase

 - Nov 15, 2017
Asian skincare brand Innisfree is known for its best-selling product range and its latest holiday branding strategy -- a set of in-store string art kits -- targets consumers of all ages. While its skincare is usually geared toward Millennial women, Innisfree expands to dazzle the entire family with its DIY crafting sets which will be available in stores this holiday season.

While shopping for a skincare holiday gift, parents can purchase a discounted $2 string art DIY kit for children -- a $10 value without the purchase of a regular Innisfree product. The string kits are perfect for creating holiday card crafts or art work, and consist of string, colorful pom poms, metal pins, and a mini hammer.

Encouraging creativity among consumers of all ages, this unique product diverges from Innisfree's traditional product range to reach a broader audience.