Earlogic's TSC Music App Lets Users Improve Their Hearing With Music

 - Feb 7, 2017
References: itunes.apple & digitaltrends
The TSC Music app from Earlogic aims to help people improve their hearing capacity and capabilities by simply listening to the same music that they already do on a daily basis. Using threshold sound conditioning (the therapy system from which the TSC Music app takes its name,) the app provides a version of physiotherapy for hearing, as one of the apps creators claims.

To improve hearing, the app first tests users on five key sound frequencies, recognizing which are the user's strongest and weakest frequency bands. Once it is able to pick out the worst key frequencies, it will automatically create a customized sound signal that that plays at the bottom of users' thresholds — i.e. as quiet as possible while still audible. It will also adjust the equalizer for music to better reflect users' hearing.