- Sep 15, 2017
On the retail floor, convenience and speed for customers translates to better efficiency for businesses, so there are plenty of retail systems that have arisen to satisfy that mutual desire. From economical self-serve kiosks to technology that capitalizes on the powerful pieces of technology that nearly every customer is bound to have on their person at all times, businesses haven't been afraid to embrace tech-laden retail systems.

Checkout is consistently one of the pain points for consumers in brick-and-mortar retail locations. Some solutions use technology to help with the efficiency of those queues, such as 'Feloh'. The retail system constantly monitors how many people are in line and how many items are in each cart, showing which lines are shortest for those looking to join on at the end. Other retail systems work to eliminate the checkout line altogether, allowing consumers to simply walk out of the store while latent sensors recognize what they've taken and charge their online accounts accordingly.

From Smiling Payment Kiosks to Contactless Payment Hubs: