This Wearable Smartphone for Children Lets Parents Track Their Kids

 - Jan 14, 2018
References: oaxis & springwise
This wearable smartphone was designed to keep young kids safe. Currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter, myFirst Fone is a smartwatch you can make 3G voice and video calls on. Available from Oaxis, the gadget boasts a number of security features, including parents being able to receive GPS location updates to their smartphones.

myFirst Fone is essentially a smartphone you wear on your wrist, but calls and messages can only be sent to and received from pre-approved contacts and all the data is encrypted. The phone doesn't have a keyboard, but wearers can respond to texts with emojis or voice memos. Parents can use the accompanying smartphone app to track their children's movements, be alerted if they roam outside a pre-set geofenced area and remotely listen in to the watch's microphone.