The Ergonomic Smart Goggles Record Rides and Keep You Connected

 - Jan 7, 2018
References: yankodesign
The Ergonomic Smart Goggles have been conceptually designed to bring a futuristic experience to cyclists by incorporating a number of connected functionalities that are truly exceptional. Featuring a HUD unit and a camera, the glasses will allow you to keep an eye on directions without taking your eyes off the screen and record your ride automatically for safety purposes.

The glasses also feature bone-conducting panels on the right and left temples that eliminates the need to wear traditional headphones, while also keeping your hearing open for safety reasons during rides. The ergonomic, non-invasive design ensures they are ideal for avid cyclist commuters and those who are simply looking to capture their experience during leisure rides.

The Ergonomic Smart Goggles are the design work of U2system and have won the Red Dot Design Concept Award for 2017.