- Dec 15, 2018
These gifts for cycling enthusiasts cover a large variety of interests — from the performance-forward demand of the professional athletes to the wishes of the frequent urban commuter. With an emphasis on accessories, electric bikes and storage systems, the holiday round-up displays some pretty innovative, function-forward products. In addition, there are a few softgoods examples like Dainese's moisture-repelling tee or Pyer Moss x Hennessy's Marshall "Major" Taylor-honoring streetwear line.

The gifts for cycling enthusiasts highlight some cutting-edge technologies that will, without a doubt, make the experience of owning and maintaining a bike a breeze. For example, BigRep are 3D-printed tires crafted with PRO FLEX filament which adds a durable component in terms of both temperature and terrain. In addition, they are airless, hence there will be no need to pump them consistently throughout the season.

From Discreet Cyclist Sirens to Modular Bicycle Tire Systems: