The Rayvolt Cruzer Blends Traditional Style With Modern E-Bike Tech

 - Oct 3, 2018
References: rayvoltbike
Modeled after classic motorcycles, the Rayvolt Cruzer is an innovative e-bike that combines timeless stylings with modern e-bike innovations. Marketed as a "premium e-bike," the Rayvolt Cruzer is almost immediately visually striking, thanks to its leather accents, curved body, and large frame wheels. A range of saddlebags and carriers are also available for the e-bike to increase carrying capacity and even the amount of riders the e-bike can carry.

Living up to its premium marketing, the Rayvolt Cruzer features a three-phase dc motor, a 48V battery, an intelligent braking system, intelligent pedal assist, and custom software. The intelligent brake and pedaling systems are perhaps the most innovative feature driving this e-bike as they allow the bike to be efficiently powered and stopped using advanced technology. The custom software is also quite unique as it helps monitor the Rayvolt Cruzer through a smartphone.