- Nov 30, 2018
The November 2018 tech round-up gives one a concise look at what the industry is working toward or what it has perfected. From this list, it is evident that a heavy focus is placed on creating lifestyle products that harbor immense health benefits for the consumer, as well as on developments in the e-bike category.

One example of a life-enhancing product is UNOBRUSH — a toothbrush with an absolutely revolutionary silhouette. The product can clean one's teeth in just six seconds, is hands-free and features a built-in UV light that kills 99.9% of germs between uses.

As previously stated, the November 2018 tech list also features many two-wheeled vehicle innovations like folding carbon fiber e-bikes, tamper-deterrent smart padlocks, portable off-road e-bikes and more.

From Knee-Relieving Exoskeletons to Carbon Steel Fitness Bikes: