The 'UNOBRUSH' Cleans Your Teeth in Just Six Seconds

 - Oct 24, 2018
References: kickstarter & thegadgetflow
The 'UNOBRUSH' is a revolutionary new style of toothbrush that will clean your teeth in a quick, complete manner to eliminate the need for manual brushing altogether. Outfitted with the UNOfoam, the toothbrush design is capable of reaching 99.9% of the surface area of your teeth to remove debris and any plaque that might be present in just six seconds. The ergonomic design of the unit means it can be used by anyone, while the comfortable mouthpiece design allows you to quickly clean your teeth in a hands-free manner, getting you out of the house quicker than ever in the morning.

The 'UNOBRUSH' recharges in the accompanying dock that also features a built-in UV light for killing 99.9% of germs between uses.