- Nov 24, 2018
The November 2018 lifestyle trends celebrate life through a wide range of implemented ideas across multiple industries. Featuring ad campaigns that celebrate body positive movements or playful branding concepts that dive right into consumers' lifestyles, this month's lifestyle ideas push for progression.

An example of this is the humorous campaign by Chromat, where diverse models showcase swimsuits by a pool setting. The concept is to celebrate all body types, liberating cellulite, stretch marks, body hair, and scars. This campaign aims to build up the intolerance of food-shaming, body policing, and ageism.

Another example is the Blood & Moon Fortune Telling Wine by Kelly Taylor, as the label also functions as a tarot card. Launched in time for the Halloween season, the bottle's design draws inspiration from the 22 Major Arcana cards and each hand-crafted symbol tells a personalized reading.

From Positive Swimsuit Ads to Fortune-Telling Wine Bottles: