Yeye Design Produces a Whimsical Identity for La Rifa

 - Oct 26, 2018
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Mexico-based creative firm Yeye Design collaborates on the visual identity of La Rifa Chocolateria, producing an ultra-engaging and whimsical chocolate bar packaging and other promotional materials. For the curated aesthetic, the design company dived deep into the origins of the La Rifa brand to extract the client's mission and essence.

Cocoa is known to be "a religious symbol in even currency for the Mayan people [but] hundreds of cocoa-producing hectares disappear from the Lancandon jungle each year." For the chocolate bar packaging, Yeye Design undertakes a colorful, jungle-inspired approach. As a result, La Rifa's product is not only consumable but it is also a piece of artwork. This captivates the audience's attention. Through its company, La Rifa aims to bring awareness about the industry and its design-driven identity will surely receive the much-needed and well-deserved recognition.