- Feb 1, 2019
These ruby chocolate confections are playing a part in revitalizing the world of sweets with what is being referred to as the "fourth kind of chocolate" and the biggest discovery since white chocolate was invented in the 1930s.

Consumers today are invested in natural ingredients and prefer to invest in food and beverages that are not formulated with artificial colors—and ruby chocolate allows for everything from chocolate bars and biscuits to truffles to be created with a bold Millennial pink hue.

Since ruby chocolate is said to have a subtle berry flavor that's different from milk, white and dark chocolate, many brands are pairing it with various fruit flavors to bring out its natural notes. Others, like the Chocolate Passion line, are already experimenting with unique flavor combinations that integrate salty, spicy and tart ingredients.

From Pink Cocoa Easter Eggs to Algorithmically Modeled Cakes: