This New Harveys The Bristol Cream Packaging is Thermochromic

 - Oct 3, 2018
References: harveyssherry & foodbev
The new Harveys The Bristol Cream packaging has been developed to help reinvigorate the branding of the iconic libation and provide something of a surprising yet functional experience for consumers to appreciate.

The bottle is integrated with thermochromic ink on the label that enables the Harveys logo to change from white to blue when chilled to let drinkers know it's at the optimal temperature for consumption. This also helps to change the consumption ritual for the libation, which is commonly enjoyed at room temperature to make it a versatile option to drink year-round.

Speaking on the new Harveys The Bristol Cream packaging, Head of Sherry Brands at Whyte & Mackay, Jen McCormick, said, "By refreshing the Harveys The Bristol Cream bottle and label with a new thermochromic ink feature, it not only modernizes the design, but provides a clear call to action for the consumer to rethink Harveys sherry."