The Madeline by Valfre Boasts Heart Buckles & a Pink Colorway

 - Oct 15, 2018
References: valfre
The Madeline corduroy backpack is the epitome doll-like cuteness. The incredibly stylish offering is available on Valfre's website and the fact that it has sold out three times in a roll is a sure testimony to its popularity.

The product is incredibly adorable and easy-to-wear. The silhouette features a soft pink corduroy material that embraces both textures and nuances. Moreover, the character of the Madeline backpack is solidified through the sweet aesthetic elements of the heart-shaped buckles.

Valfre's offering is 14 inches long and 12 inches wide, making the corduroy backpack a perfect accessory for urban outings and exploration. The interior of the Madeline is enforced with canvas and the straps are made to be adjustable. Valfre adds an additional compartment in the form of a zipper pouch on the inside.