joyböl is Ready to Eat with the Addition of Cold Water or Milk

At the 2018 NACS Show, Kellogg's launched a new brand called joyböl that introduces an easy way for consumers to enjoy smoothie bowls on the go. The single-serve, shelf-stable smoothie cups are packaged with a collapsible spoon and only need cold water, milk or an alternative non-dairy liquid to be added before being enjoyed.

In addition to being richly textured with granola clusters, nuts and seeds, the bowls are also packed with plenty of protein and are offered in flavors like Matcha Berry, Chocolate Hazelnut and Strawberry Almond Quinoa Crunch.

As many consumers are choosing to eat on-the-go bars and single-serve breakfast cups over cold cereals, joyböl has the potential to appeal to those who are looking for a portable and nutrient-dense option.