The SimpleBulb Bedtime Bulb Has LessBlue Technology

 - Oct 23, 2018
References: amazon & thegadgetflow
Blue light is emitted from nearly all of the technology products around us and can have harsh effects on your sleep patterns, so the SimpleBulb Bedtime Bulb has been developed as a way to combat against this.

The bulb is integrated with LessBlue and FlickerSafe technologies that work to limit the amount of blue light that is emitted and avoid harmful flickering from being created, respectively. These technologies work in sync to produce a warm light that can be used for reading or brightening up your space after dark without having to worry that it will disturb your circadian rhythms.

The increasing amount of time consumers are spending in front of screens has many worrying about the side effects, which is increasing the demand for products like the SimpleBulb Bedtime Bulb to combat against technology-related health problems..