The 'ZEPHYROS' Purifier by Inyeop Baek Can be Placed Almost Anywhere

 - Oct 23, 2018
References: yankodesign
Air purification technology is growing immensely in popularity as consumers become more weary of the air quality in their urban homes, so new solutions like the 'ZEPHYROS' air purifier are being designed with this in mind.

The conceptual air purifier has been designed by Inyeop Baek as a wireless solution for the home that can be charged on the accompanying base and placed anywhere you desire. This eliminates the need for stationary alternatives and allows it to be used in living areas during the day and shifted to a bedroom at night for total air purification capabilities.

The conceptual 'ZEPHYROS' air purifier also boasts a stylish, hourglass design aesthetic that makes it a welcome addition to any space rather than something that needs to be hidden away.