Landpack GmbH is Replacing Styrofoam with a Straw and Hemp Alternative

When it comes to the sharing of refrigerated goods, vegetables, meat and cheese and other similar products, food delivery boxes are often lined with styrofoam for protection. Landpack GmbH is a German start-up that is on a mission to sustainably replace styrofoam with natural materials like straw and hemp.

As Landpack GmbH mainly works within the e-food sector, it developed the 'Landbox' as a product that can easily be disposed of with other organic waste. In comparison to polystyrene, the Landbox offers four times the shock absorption, which means that the goods that are being shipped are more likely to arrive undamaged.

The straw that goes into the making of the Landbox comes directly from farmers and provides a new source of income for them, as much of it usually goes to waste.