The Brunt Fast Wireless Charger is Textured and Warm

 - Oct 24, 2018
References: yankodesign
An issue with many wireless chargers is that they are quite utilitarian in design, so the Brunt Fast Wireless Charger has been designed by Kwanjun Ryu for the brand as an alternative that changes this.

Coming in monochromatic color options, the charger is crafted with matte finishes, rounded corners and a fabric upper portion that adds a touch of texture to the solution. This makes it more appealing when kept on a workstation or nightstand to bring a touch of visual warmth that will also prevent damage from being incurred if you place your device down harshly.

The Brunt Fast Wireless Charger can be paired with additional accessories like a pen container and valet tray to make it an organized hub for all your daily essentials.