The Silo Storage System Ensures Food Isn't Rotten or Wasted

 - Oct 26, 2018
References: kickstarter & digitaltrends
Smart technology is already becoming heavily integrated into our everyday lives and the Silo storage system further showcases the potential of AI in the home. Designed to extend the life of your food, the Silo storage system vacuum seals its contents and claims to keep food fresh two to five times longer than usual. According to Tal Lapidot, founder and CEO of Silo Kitchen, "I usually describe it to people as Tupperware for the new generation."

In addition to its vacuum-sealing nature, the Silo storage system also comes equipped with a built-in Alexa smart speaker. This additional element lets users automatically track food consumption and inventory. The AI system will also alert users with notifications when their food is going to spoil and have to be disposed of.

Image Credit: Silo Kitchen