The 'reTyre' System Lets Riders Zip on New Tire Skins with Ease

 - Jun 4, 2018
References: & bikeradar
Most cyclists still suffer the consequences of compromises made in terms of bicycle tire systems that haven't evolved in decades, but a new Norwegian-made system aims to make cycling tire management easier by allowing riders to simply use rubber tire skins for different cycling experiences and for the sake of longevity.

The 'reTyre' bicycle tire system makes use of base tires that are mounted like any old tires, but what makes this product so unique is the fact that it comes with an array of skins that come with different kinds of tread options for different terrains, including a carbide-laced skin designed for wintry conditions.

Currently the subject of a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, this bicycle tire system is offering the promise of modular bicycle tire management that will allow serious cyclists to jump between different kinds of terrains and rides with minimal fuss.