From Sustainable Streetwear Collections to Solar Umbrellas

 - Jun 30, 2018
June 2018 eco trends reveal the streetwear industry more frequently diving into sustainable wear, and regular everyday items being transformed to harness sustainable energy.

The fashion industry's harmful impact on the environment is relatively well-known, and the Danish fashion label Wood Wood recently collaborated with the lifestyle label END. in order to mitigate, if only slightly, this fact. As such, the streetwear clothing is made from organic cotton and is to be packaged in brown paper envelopes.

Brands designing everyday items that contribute to helping the environment is another common occurrence that can be found across the board, with one such example being the Hanergy Humbrella. The umbrella harnesses solar energy on sunny and cloudy days, and is then able to light up in the evening with that energy, as well as charge smartphones.