The Fabric Social Relies on Timeless Fits and Good Fabrics

 - May 6, 2018
References: thefabricsocial
From 90s-inspired sets of checkered mid-rise skirts with open-back tunics to timeless knee-length v-cut neckline slip dresses, The Fabric Social boasts a minimal, inclusive and sophisticated clothing line-up. Along with its effortlessly elegant, high quality and affordable silhouettes, the fashion label builds its business around three pillars that are sure to appeal to the conscious consumer.

Firstly, The Fabric Social's sophisticated clothing lines are against the notion of fast fashion. Each garment is "woven with care by [...] expert artisans" and the materials -- from the lush silks to the soft cottons, are hand-loomed in Northeast India and Myanmar. Secondly, the fashion label is an avid advocate of sustainability with a focus on low-waste patterns and non-toxic dyes. Finally, The Fabric Social embraces fair labor through partnering directly with the women who craft its sophisticated clothing line.