570 Broome Will Clean the Air as Effectively as 500 Trees

 - May 16, 2018
References: pureti & psfk
The announcement of a new condo development in an already bustling metropolitan doesn't please most environmentalists, but the announcement of 570 Broome, a 25-story condo in New York's SoHo neighborhood, is promising to clean the city's air.

Thanks to a spray-on substance called Pureti, the facade of this condo can clean the air around it as effectively as 500 trees. In addition to benefiting the environment, Pureti serves as a self-cleaner for the building's exterior, offering a low maintenance building development in the heart of the city.

While eco-friendly condo alternatives aren't necessarily a new concept, this particular partnership speaks to the growing demand for more creative and long-lasting solutions.

Image credit: Builtd and Pureti